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Intermission: The End of this World

There isn't a single human in Hakugyokurou. There are those that are like humans. One that used to be human, and one who is half human. The phantom princess, Yuyuko, and the half ghost gardener, Youmu—other than them, there isn't anything that has the form of a human. The reason Hakugyokurou is still full of activity is that since it is the realm of the dead, it is always full of ghosts. Active and busy ghosts. Bright even though they didn't have forms, souls that lost the bonds of flesh and bones. Their number was—visibly less right now. The boundary was collapsing. The majority of the ghosts, which were supposed to be in Hakugyokurou, crossed the boundary and went to the world below to have fun. Bringing them back was Youmu's role, but—right now, she was not fulfilling that role. Because it wasn't the time to be doing that. She thought that the incident was only °coring at Hakugyokurou. Like the spring incident, because the shrine maiden broke the boundary of the gate, they were flowing out; that was all she thought it was. She thought the reason her mistress, Yuyuko, didn't try to act because it wasn't an event worth acting for. That was what she thought. "—What is the meaning of this,  primehentai material live manga sex Source of free hentai manga where they were the only ones left, the last two faced each other. At her back was a cheny tree that would not bloom and tried to reach even higher from the end of the sky. A cherry tree that would never bloom, that was not supposed to bloom—the Saigyou Ayakashi stood alone in the full bloom of cherry trees.

All the cherry trees other than the Saigyou Ayakashi were in full bloom. Even though it was snowing below, as if mingling with the white of the snow, pink melted in the air. Only the Saigyou Ayakashi was not blooming. That fact was what allowed Youmu keep the small amount of reason she had left. As long as it didn't bloom, what she feared the most would not occur. What Youmu truly feared was losing Saigyouji Yuyuko, and for her, as she was already a phantom, to "disappear," the blossoming of the Saigyou Ayakashi was necessary. That was why she was able to hold on to her reason. But still—seeing Yuyuko, who, far from having to hold her reason, was not disturbed at all, actually made You= feel uneasy. Saigyouji Yuyuko was not disturbed.

Yuyuko, who stood with the Saigyou Ayakashi at her back, was smiling sleepily at Youmu. The incident here and the incident below, even though she must have known about both of them, she was not trying to act. During the oni incident and the eternal night incident, she was the first to act. During the flower incident, she sat at the veranda and watched flowers for the whole day. Youmu couldn't tell what her reason for acting like that was. Because she, who was half human and half ghost, was inexperienced, she could not tell what hentai manga true intent was—that was what she thought. The reason she became involved with the flower incident was that she wished to know what Yuyuko's true intent was. Saigyouji Yuyuko knew things she did not about all those hentai manga stories. She did not try to tell her them. Find out everything by yourself, she said with her attitude. Until now, that was okay. But, as the incident developed to this point—she could not say that.

Her back on the trunk, she set her gaze on Youmu. Youmu saw her face reflected in her eyes. Hesitating—she looked like she was wavering. Her Inman half was disturbed. She gently put her hand to her waist. Her two swords were there. A sword to cut and a sword to cut hesitation. If she thrust it through herself, would her hesitation disappear? Even though she knew that it was a ridiculous thought, she was not able to laugh it off. With her hand still on her sword, „ What she wanted to do. Thinking of only that deeply, Konpaku Youinu answered in a voice that sounded like she killed her hesitation. -I am—your servant and the gardener of Hakugyokurou." -Is that because that is your role?" "No, it's not." She answered immediately. She took her hand away from her sword. This was one thing she had to say with her own strength, her own voice, her own will. Because even though it was half, she was human. "It is because I want to do so. Because that is what I wish. To be by your side, to work for you—" That was right. She didn't have to check; that was what was deep inside. Why she went to solve the incident was—because that might end up bringing misfortune to Thyuko. Not being taken by Yuyuko to solve an incident and deciding with her own will to solve it was for


that reason. That was why the difference—was there. Youmu cared about Thyuko, and

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"—I see." A sad, lonely but slightly happy, complicated smile. Thin= probably couldn't know what that meant. And, the time to think about it was not given to her. "Say, Youinu—" What did she try to say? What did she try to do? Thyuko drew away from the Saigyou Ayakashi, reached her hand out, and moved her foot to walk toward Youmu—but unable to finish her step, lost her strength. She was like a puppet whose strings were severed, thought Youmu. It looked like her things were forcibly cut. Thyuko, who had tried to move forward, swayed, her knees bent, and she fell backward. Her head hit the trunk of the Saigyou Ayakashi and made a sound that was unbelievably light. She didn't get up. She couldn't get up.---Yuyuko-sama?" As if to bury Yuyuko after she fell, cherry blossom petals fluttered down. Fluttering, swaying, the rain of cherry blossoms increased in intensity as they fell. The flowering cherry hentai magma.