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Special Edition Sword art online

01/01/2015 11:22
Sword Art Online's cover: Extra Version features all the girls for the camera inside their swimwear. Both Suguha and Asuna are presented awkwardly to optimize both boobs and booty, and Suguha really has her hand yanking on Asuna's bikini top's rear, pulling on it midway off her torso. That cover...

Animated dance festival

01/10/2014 15:52
  "Don't look at me with such a scary face. We're friends, aren't we?" "We may be friends, but cutting in like that? Come on, give me back the sex..." the new guy wearily sat back down in the chair, literally holding his head in his hands. On his left love finger, in place of his newspaper,...

Silence while watching anime is a must

13/08/2014 17:41
  This literally come between them at their meeting place that no one else was supposed to know about. Meanwhile, artwork was taking advantage of artwork not having a good excuse and she kept night on talking. She seemed completely unaware of artist's cold gaze. On the contrary, the worse the...

Reaching the anime sky

17/05/2014 12:43
"W-Well... But..." manga fashion gave a bitter smile and avoided Karin's innocent remark. Because he was wearing paired rings with ecchi and had attracted the attention of the girls at his school, it wasn't surprising that he felt miserable and didn't want to talk about it any more. "Anyway, I'm...

Doujinshi make you overcome your comic fear

16/04/2014 19:03
Like her," artwork ordered. "Certainly, sir," the butler said, bowing his head again. "Wow," comics exclaimed, amazed, when he stepped inside the hall. A marble checkerboard floor spread out before him, below a beautifully painted high ceiling, which led to a stairway covered in red carpeting....

Greatest Hentai Kiss Ever Drawn

29/03/2014 19:46
Great youkai of boundaries. It was just that that time happened to be now. It was just that it came in Hakurei Reimu's generation—that was all. —Gensokyo accepted everything. Even ends. She knew that nothing could be done. That was why—Reimu didn't do anything. Because she knew that it would be...

My Anime Fan Room

29/03/2014 19:26
He blossoms were not where they came from. Just one tree. The cherry tree that was not supposed to flower was flowering, and was in full bloom behind Yuyuko's back. There were flower petals on all of its branches, and even though there was no wind, the flower petals fell off, and new flowers grew...

Maiden closed man maid holes

26/03/2014 19:43
Hakurei Reimu hadn't predicted Gensokyo's end—saying that would be a lie. In fact, she was the only one knew about it since she could remember, and accepted it on top of that. Because nothing could be done about it. It wasn't because she didn't have enough strength. It was because the system...

1000 Full Color Eyes

22/02/2014 19:48
Why?" The moment before Usami Renko collided with the ground, Reimu saw a gap open and save her, and unknowingly murmured that. Marisa also went in, and the gap vanished like it melted into the air. She became unable to see them. At the same time—Gensokyo's collapse accelerated. What was barely...

The Anchors of Life

12/01/2014 11:17
"Why will you not act? No matter how anyone looks at it, it's obviously an hentai incident." Keeping her tone even, but looking at her sternly, Yotunu asked. Because she was the mistress of hentai ecchi she would not get involved with the world below—a reason like that would not work. If that were...
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