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1000 Full Color Eyes

22/02/2014 19:48

Why?" The moment before Usami Renko collided with the ground, Reimu saw a gap open and save her, and unknowingly murmured that. Marisa also went in, and the gap vanished like it melted into the air. She became unable to see them. At the same time—Gensokyo's collapse accelerated. What was barely being held back accelerated. No matter who looked at it, they would have thought that it couldn't be stopped. It was a natural result and an inevitable process.


Because Yakumo Yukari used her power for something else, the power preserving it became weaker It seemed the future in which it was supposed to be like this sooner finally caught up to reality. Every boundary mixed together and started losing meaning. All of the meanings mixed, melted, and started vanishing. A full moon rose from the end of the east, and cheny trees started flowering at the end of the sky. As the hole in the Hakurei Border got bigger, the borders inside it started to disappear. A world that lost its threshold couldn't remain a world. Like the black and white of a yin-yang orb mixing, the inside of the world changed—and began to vanish. It was ending. All of it.

Gensokyo was ending his hentai mangaka.


"Why?" Rehm repeated herself She didn't understand the ecchi language. Why did Yukari—save that girl? Even though she must have known that the collapse of Gensokyo, which she was desperately trying to stop, would accelerate if she did something like that, did she have to save her even if it meant giving that up? Who was that? Why did she save her? Why, why? That question swirled in her head, and finally led to a single question. Rather than a question, for Reimu, it was something that wasn't fear or jealousy. —Was that someone more important than her? "Why ?" The dark emotion ate at her insides. Part of her head hurt, and she felt like throwing up. She couldn't control the emotions that were in her heart. Being impartial to everything and maintaining the banier—that was supposed to be the system called Hakurei. The small heart that resided in that system cried out. "It hurts." It said a desire that was like a cry. Reim wasn't able to answer that my. She wasn't even able to listen to it, but she couldn't even cover her ears. Was she acting as the Hakurei shrine maiden, or was she acting as Reimu? It was not clear to even her.