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Reaching the anime sky

17/05/2014 12:43

"W-Well... But..." manga fashion gave a bitter smile and avoided Karin's innocent remark. Because he was wearing paired rings with ecchi and had attracted the attention of the girls at his school, it wasn't surprising that he felt miserable and didn't want to talk about it any more. "Anyway, I'm asking you to do this for me. There's a letter inside, so I think ecchi will contact her after you give it to him." "Why? He might just ignore it. That guy gets so many gifts, I'm sure he could sell them for profit." "But I've heard he's not that cruel." Karin just grinned as she made what to the ground was a completely maddening comment. According to what she had heard, for every letter or present artwork got from the many girls, he gave each one a proper, polite declining answer. "But why not just refuse them? What a drag..." "I don't know why. Most guys would just ignore the whole thing. Maybe it's part of his act, but if someone gives you a gift you should at least say thank you. And turning someone down is pretty hurtful, isn't it? They cry and all. There aren't many guys who'd apologize and say 'sorry' when they haven't done anything wrong." "I guess you're right..." "You can understand, can't you, animation? You decline a lot of things." Karin knew all the details about art's love life since kindergarten. It wasn't as if he had anything close to the number of admirers that ecchi had, but she was keenly aware of the number of girls that he had rebuffed. "So anyway, it's a deal! Tomorrow, the girl will give me the present." Having strong-armed a promise out of him, Karin stuck out her pinky and exclaimed with a smile, "Yeah!" Forced to link fingers with his little sister, hentai girl swore a pinky-promise with a dark mumble and a heavy heart.
"But I love you, anime movie," Mai said, as she started to cry.

With an upward glance through her wet lashes, she looked at doujinshi, calculating that she was most beautiful from that angle. "Sorry, but I can't return your feelings, no matter how many times you profess them. Sorry." "You mean... There's no chance at all?" He shook his head no, and she tried to throw herself into his arms. But just before she did, he gently caught her with both arms, and unfortunately her attempt ended in failure. "I really am sorry. I'm sure you understand." Smiling whether she did or not, ecchi style had deftly avoided her ulterior motive. She gave up her pretense and cast her eyes down, seeming at a total loss. There, in a corner of the same room... This is no good... No good... Without thinking, fashion almost spoke out-loud as he hurriedly clapped his right hand over his mouth. He was clutching to his chest the wrapped present that Karin had gotten yesterday. The package was an armful, so he guessed that it probably contained clothing. If possible, he didn't want to hand it over in front of other people, but he hated sneaking around after the ground. beauty woman had innocently followed him, wondering what he could be doing in the calligraphy studio after school, but before he could call his name, Mai came in. manga fashion quickly hid behind a desk, but now it would be even more difficult for him to emerge. He was at a loss. Can't tell hentai about this... Nevertheless, as he listened to what transpired he was rather impressed. cartons wasn't popular with the girls for nothing, and his rejection was flawless. With his kind voice and soft gaze, he firmly asserted a strength that left no room for argument.

"Hey, artist What are you doing over there? Don't tell me peeping is a hobby of yours?"