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Special Edition Sword art online

01/01/2015 11:22

Sword Art Online's cover: Extra Version features all the girls for the camera inside their swimwear. Both Suguha and Asuna are presented awkwardly to optimize both boobs and booty, and Suguha really has her hand yanking on Asuna's bikini top's rear, pulling on it midway off her torso. That cover is quite a great metaphor for that which you are getting with Extra Version - it is absolute not especially graceful, and fanservice fanservice.

Extra Edition occurs and is assumed to act as some sort of bridge between both. Nearly all its runtime entails Kirito as Silica, Lisbeth, and Asuna help teach Suguha the best way to swim, revealing back to the events of season one. This essentially means that practically all you are getting here is the storyline highlights interspersed with scenes of the girls of a highspeed recap of season one. Really, actually brazen swimsuit scenes, also - this attribute that is one hundred minute comprises no less than three scenes of the girls thus SAO is willing to please, in the event that you are in this for boobs.

Having said that, even in the event you're supposing Extra Edition is a completely fanservice-oriented production, that leaves you having an excellent forty minutes of recap runtime that is boring. There is no new insight offered in the primary season's occasions here - it actually only directly relays the starts and ends of each of the various story beats, having a specific concentrate to Kirito's heroics himself. Actually, the manner this show frameworks the very first series' activities really emphasizes the weaknesses of the set. The Sword Art Online that is first had great failings when it came to managing high and developing Kirito -stakes play, and that is almost all when you reduce that season to its largest plot defeats. Meaning scenes managers being killed by Kirito singlehandedly, while licking Asuna's rips are completely maintained, while the smaller slice of life minutes that really offered some help in SAO happen to be eliminated and Sugou vamping.

Despite not actually possessing any allure this recap additionally may seem like a bad alternative for anyone new to SAO. For those who have not already seen Sword Art Online, you won't be really invested by Extra Edition in the narrative - it just relays the starts and endings without any of worldbuilding, character work, or the tension that truly turns plot into storyline.

The past half hour or so luckily features some new content that is real, though it is only a filler quest experience. It turns out Yui desires to visit a whale, and so Suguha must learn to swim and a quest that seemingly ends in a whale sighting must be geared up for by everyone. There is a miniature, half hearted gesture towards character development but this last act is mostly only plot for plot's benefit, and none of the remarkable cartoon that explains the greatest action scenes of Sword Art Online is on display here. The show has a strong visual aesthetic and evocative rich music, but the fight scenes are mostly pans and only stills, with nothing fitting the visual heights appropriate. With no remarkable positions and little cartoon, even the content that is brand new feels just like a time-waster.

The voice acting is strong in both languages, using the dub cast coming across as a bit nasally and additionally more snarky in relation to the first. The one on-disc additional is a faux-news program featuring chibi variations of the key cast, which will be essentially part component commentary track, game show that is daft in character. Overall, I can not say I recommend Additional Version but the most diehard of SAO lovers - the special appears not appropriate and superfluous for those just interested in a bridge. It is the girls along with a recap of the most overblown minutes of the very first season - that is everything you get, which is what it assures.