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The Anchors of Life

12/01/2014 11:17

"Why will you not act? No matter how anyone looks at it, it's obviously an hentai incident." Keeping her tone even, but looking at her sternly, Yotunu asked. Because she was the mistress of hentai ecchi she would not get involved with the world below—a reason like that would not work. If that were the reason, site wouldn't have gotten involved with the other incidents. Thyuko, for whom several hundred years passed since her death, was surprisingly human. Even after death, she was living as a human. Front when site was a human—unchanged. Universal. Eternal. "An incident?" Yuyuko received Yawn's gaze directly and tilted her head. Putting her hand on her cheek, she said that she really didn't know with her behavior. All of her actions were refined, and it even looked like she was dancing with the movement of the flower petals. "It is—an incident." She said it again. Thyuko tilted her head even more, and "I don't know where any incident is." "You can tell by looking!" "There are more hentai things in this world that you can't understand by looking, hentai Of course—in the world after that, it's the same."


Site knew what site was trying to say. The half ghost's sword was a sword which cut things that could not be seen. It cut air, cut time, and cut souls. That was the culmination of her sword style.

But still—it only sounded like a sophism. "In that case are you saying that this isn't an incident?" "You don't call things that are supposed to occur, incidents. The time of something that can't occur is what an incident is. That is what the shrine maiden acts for— Say Youinu, was Hakurei Reimu acting?"


After being unable to speak, Marisa, was acting." "That girl is more human than anyone. Whether it's an incident or not, that girl will act— Youmu, do you know the reason why I don't stop you?" "—Is it because I'm half human?" "Yes." Saying that, Yuyuko closed her mouth. Then, site slowly moved her gaze from Youinu to the Saigyou Ayakashi, which was behind her. Standing still, the large tree site looked up at was not flowering at all. Without even buds, it looked like a withered tree. But, it didn't look like it was dead. Like it was sleeping—to Youmu, that was how it looked. Not looking at Yotunu, but still looking at the Saigyou Ayakashi, Yuyuko spoke softly. "You should do what you want to do—"

Because that is what makes one human hentai manga.

Her words were ended like that. Closing her mouth again. Yuyuko let her body lean against the.