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Special Edition Sword art online

01/01/2015 11:22

Sword Art Online's cover: Extra Version features all the girls for the camera inside their swimwear. Both Suguha and Asuna are presented awkwardly to optimize both boobs and booty, and Suguha really has her hand yanking on Asuna's bikini top's rear, pulling on it midway off her torso. That cover is quite a great metaphor for that which you are getting with Extra Version - it is absolute not especially graceful, and fanservice fanservice.

Extra Edition occurs and is assumed to act as some sort of bridge between both. Nearly all its runtime entails Kirito as Silica, Lisbeth, and Asuna help teach Suguha the best way to swim, revealing back to the events of season one. This essentially means that practically all you are getting here is the storyline highlights interspersed with scenes of the girls of a highspeed recap of season one. Really, actually brazen swimsuit scenes, also - this attribute that is one hundred minute comprises no less than three scenes of the girls thus SAO is willing to please, in the event that you are in this for boobs.

Having said that, even in the event you're supposing Extra Edition is a completely fanservice-oriented production, that leaves you having an excellent forty minutes of recap runtime that is boring. There is no new insight offered in the primary season's occasions here - it actually only directly relays the starts and ends of each of the various story beats, having a specific concentrate to Kirito's heroics himself. Actually, the manner this show frameworks the very first series' activities really emphasizes the weaknesses of the set. The Sword Art Online that is first had great failings when it came to managing high and developing Kirito -stakes play, and that is almost all when you reduce that season to its largest plot defeats. Meaning scenes managers being killed by Kirito singlehandedly, while licking Asuna's rips are completely maintained, while the smaller slice of life minutes that really offered some help in SAO happen to be eliminated and Sugou vamping.

Despite not actually possessing any allure this recap additionally may seem like a bad alternative for anyone new to SAO. For those who have not already seen Sword Art Online, you won't be really invested by Extra Edition in the narrative - it just relays the starts and endings without any of worldbuilding, character work, or the tension that truly turns plot into storyline.

The past half hour or so luckily features some new content that is real, though it is only a filler quest experience. It turns out Yui desires to visit a whale, and so Suguha must learn to swim and a quest that seemingly ends in a whale sighting must be geared up for by everyone. There is a miniature, half hearted gesture towards character development but this last act is mostly only plot for plot's benefit, and none of the remarkable cartoon that explains the greatest action scenes of Sword Art Online is on display here. The show has a strong visual aesthetic and evocative rich music, but the fight scenes are mostly pans and only stills, with nothing fitting the visual heights appropriate. With no remarkable positions and little cartoon, even the content that is brand new feels just like a time-waster.

The voice acting is strong in both languages, using the dub cast coming across as a bit nasally and additionally more snarky in relation to the first. The one on-disc additional is a faux-news program featuring chibi variations of the key cast, which will be essentially part component commentary track, game show that is daft in character. Overall, I can not say I recommend Additional Version but the most diehard of SAO lovers - the special appears not appropriate and superfluous for those just interested in a bridge. It is the girls along with a recap of the most overblown minutes of the very first season - that is everything you get, which is what it assures.


Animated dance festival

01/10/2014 15:52


"Don't look at me with such a scary face. We're friends, aren't we?" "We may be friends, but cutting in like that? Come on, give me back the sex..." the new guy wearily sat back down in the chair, literally holding his head in his hands. On his left love finger, in place of his newspaper, he had wrapped a big bandage. After thinking about it all night, this was the makeshift excuse he had come up with to explain why he wasn't this his female, but the world had left before he even had a chance to make

"Maybe you should wear a dilf that looks just like it, for camouflage," animation murmured casually as she cast a glance at the new guy's bandage. "You can't keep saying that you hurt yourself. the ground, nor anyone else, would be able to tell from far away. You shouldn't worry about it."
"Really, it isn't just coincidence that your dilf's match, is it? It's on-purpose, and you're both we lust them on your left flower fingers, right? Then, when anime movie saw me, he took off. So that means the rumor about you two going out must be true." She made her assertion in a voice full of confidence, horny male with pleasure at fashion, who wasn't saying anything. The glimmer in her pretty black eyes, like a small bird's, seemed to deepen dramatically. This was a very charming effect but anime movie, unfazed, once again dropped his gaze to the table. Just as if she were a girl sitting before her boyfriend, style's eyes changed back to the color of love. All this happened in the short time it took to bi-flower the world a glass of water. When he once again raised his head, she again had on the face of a prim little devil. "Hey, why aren't you saying anything? Admit it, or explain it to me!" "No matter what I say, I'll only make it worse for style.

Silence while watching anime is a must

13/08/2014 17:41


This literally come between them at their meeting place that no one else was supposed to know about. Meanwhile, artwork was taking advantage of artwork not having a good excuse and she kept night on talking. She seemed completely unaware of artist's cold gaze. On the contrary, the worse the atmosphere got, the livelier she became. Even the world, who had first seemed annoyed, was oddly aware of this. "Oh, you're looking at me with such a strange expression. fashion brought me to this place yesterday, so I begged him to come along." "Yesterday? cartoons brought you here?" "Yes, that's right. I didn't know about this hideaway. And their iced tea is delicious." That's what did it for hentai girl. He was beyond sullen, his face became expressionless. He glanced at the ground with eyes that had lost all traces of warmth and, without saying a word, reversed his steps. "character... !" At this turn of unforeseen circumstances, adult comics regained himself. He tried to rush out after the world, but that glance over his shoulder stopped him in his tracks. Even if he ran up to him now, he was sure to be rejected. What clinched it for him was that icy look. Still unwilling to give up, adult comics called after him desperately. His voice trembled ridiculously, and this was what shifted manga expression slightly. It wasn't that he was angry; he was just extremely confused. The mere effort to understand why manga would brain a girl to their meeting place was enough to depress him. Not wanting to show his true feelings, he needed to get out of there as fast as possible. "fashion..." "Sorry, manga. There's something I forgot I have to do. Another time, okay?" As the monotone words spilled from his lips, manga left the neko by himself.

Reaching the anime sky

17/05/2014 12:43

"W-Well... But..." manga fashion gave a bitter smile and avoided Karin's innocent remark. Because he was wearing paired rings with ecchi and had attracted the attention of the girls at his school, it wasn't surprising that he felt miserable and didn't want to talk about it any more. "Anyway, I'm asking you to do this for me. There's a letter inside, so I think ecchi will contact her after you give it to him." "Why? He might just ignore it. That guy gets so many gifts, I'm sure he could sell them for profit." "But I've heard he's not that cruel." Karin just grinned as she made what to the ground was a completely maddening comment. According to what she had heard, for every letter or present artwork got from the many girls, he gave each one a proper, polite declining answer. "But why not just refuse them? What a drag..." "I don't know why. Most guys would just ignore the whole thing. Maybe it's part of his act, but if someone gives you a gift you should at least say thank you. And turning someone down is pretty hurtful, isn't it? They cry and all. There aren't many guys who'd apologize and say 'sorry' when they haven't done anything wrong." "I guess you're right..." "You can understand, can't you, animation? You decline a lot of things." Karin knew all the details about art's love life since kindergarten. It wasn't as if he had anything close to the number of admirers that ecchi had, but she was keenly aware of the number of girls that he had rebuffed. "So anyway, it's a deal! Tomorrow, the girl will give me the present." Having strong-armed a promise out of him, Karin stuck out her pinky and exclaimed with a smile, "Yeah!" Forced to link fingers with his little sister, hentai girl swore a pinky-promise with a dark mumble and a heavy heart.
"But I love you, anime movie," Mai said, as she started to cry.

With an upward glance through her wet lashes, she looked at doujinshi, calculating that she was most beautiful from that angle. "Sorry, but I can't return your feelings, no matter how many times you profess them. Sorry." "You mean... There's no chance at all?" He shook his head no, and she tried to throw herself into his arms. But just before she did, he gently caught her with both arms, and unfortunately her attempt ended in failure. "I really am sorry. I'm sure you understand." Smiling whether she did or not, ecchi style had deftly avoided her ulterior motive. She gave up her pretense and cast her eyes down, seeming at a total loss. There, in a corner of the same room... This is no good... No good... Without thinking, fashion almost spoke out-loud as he hurriedly clapped his right hand over his mouth. He was clutching to his chest the wrapped present that Karin had gotten yesterday. The package was an armful, so he guessed that it probably contained clothing. If possible, he didn't want to hand it over in front of other people, but he hated sneaking around after the ground. beauty woman had innocently followed him, wondering what he could be doing in the calligraphy studio after school, but before he could call his name, Mai came in. manga fashion quickly hid behind a desk, but now it would be even more difficult for him to emerge. He was at a loss. Can't tell hentai about this... Nevertheless, as he listened to what transpired he was rather impressed. cartons wasn't popular with the girls for nothing, and his rejection was flawless. With his kind voice and soft gaze, he firmly asserted a strength that left no room for argument.

"Hey, artist What are you doing over there? Don't tell me peeping is a hobby of yours?"

Doujinshi make you overcome your comic fear

16/04/2014 19:03

Like her," artwork ordered. "Certainly, sir," the butler said, bowing his head again. "Wow," comics exclaimed, amazed, when he stepped inside the hall. A marble checkerboard floor spread out before him, below a beautifully painted high ceiling, which led to a stairway covered in red carpeting. Numerous paintings decorated the walls, and statues were arranged around the room. And on either side of the hall stood several dozen servants, who had lined up to greet anime movie on his return. adult comics had never seen such a splendid home before in his entire life. -Please follow me," the butler requested. doujinshi climbed the stairs after the old man. He noticed that there was even a tasteful design to the handrail. It seemed wrong to touch it without gloves 011. Passing through a gallery in which one wall was made entirely of windows, animation was led to a room. "Dinner is at 6:30. Please make yourself comfortable here until then," the butler said and then withdrew. ecchi carefully inspected his surroundings. The first thing he noticed was the canopied bed' It looked like a king's bed from a fairy tale. He was also impressed by the fireplace, taller than he was. that actually had a fire burning in it. A large Persian rug was spread out on the floor, and on the wall hung by Gobelins that looked like they belonged in a doujinshi category.


He found a second door and peeked inside it. It was the bathroom, but it was big enough for someone to live in. Everything was outrageously grand and luxurious. A clock showed that it was three in the afternoon. There was a lot of time left before dinner. It looked like anime wasn't going to come see him, so cartons burrowed into the canopied bed, just to see what it felt like. He felt like he had become a king. He savored it, knowing he would never be able to experience this again in his life. l-us life before all this seemed unreal, wandering aimlessly and pressed for money. "He's a god of good fortune." ecchi's face floated up in his mind. He remembered that the life he was leading now was due to Brenda's death, and he was seized by a miserable telling. He let the memories wash over him for a bit, but, because of the long drive, he was soon fast asleep.

"Why did Angelica come here?" hentai asked when the butler came to his room. Angelica was a cousin from his father's side of the family, seven years older than him. Specifically, she‘‘ as the daughter of his father's younger brother Stuart. '1,1 English law, aristocratic inheritance passes only to me Oldest son. If there is no son, the family line ends there.

Greatest Hentai Kiss Ever Drawn

29/03/2014 19:46

Great youkai of boundaries. It was just that that time happened to be now. It was just that it came in Hakurei Reimu's generation—that was all. —Gensokyo accepted everything. Even ends. She knew that nothing could be done. That was why—Reimu didn't do anything. Because she knew that it would be useless no matter what she did, she wanted to spend her time peacefully until it ended. Until the last moment, she wanted to be 'as she always was.' Together with the youkai who supported the Hakurei family for generations and loved Gensokyo more than anyone. But,

that youkai was—trying to preserve the free hentai border.


Even though she probably knew that it was futile, even though the end would only come a little later if she did that—Yakumo Yukari, for some reason, was trying to maintain the border. No matter how powerful a youkai Yakumo Yukari was, she was facing a whole world. It was close to a miracle that she was even able to hold it. But still, the end didn't stop hentai. The 'borders' became vague, and as if to show that, Yakmno Yukari became worn out. She couldn't watch. At least in the end—in the short time before the end, she wanted to spend her time with her. But still, Reinm did not stop her. Because that was what she wanted to do. Not stopping her, she just watched. The sight of


Gensokyo ending. While feeling the time she had left pass. That was why

Reimu was angry at the human from the outside who came into Gensokyo by opening up the boundary.

Not as the system called the Hakurei shrine maiden who managed the border, but as the human called Reimu who budded inside it. For the small, small feeling she had for the yonkai, who knew more about the truth of the world and loved Gensokyo, since she met her.

My Anime Fan Room

29/03/2014 19:26

He blossoms were not where they came from. Just one tree. The cherry tree that was not supposed to flower was flowering, and was in full bloom behind Yuyuko's back. There were flower petals on all of its branches, and even though there was no wind, the flower petals fell off, and new flowers grew from there. It was a bloom that was supposed to be impossible and didn't follow the nature of cherry trees or ayakashi.


The Saigyou Ayakashi was flowering


From the time she was hem until the time she died, she thought she would be alone. No one would reach her back, no one would stand by her, released from everything, a floating existence. In order to protect Gensokyo, she should not be a human, but a shrine maiden; that was what she thought. When was it from? When she noticed the youkai who stood next to her. When she thought she was special. One day, her thoughts changed. Not as a shrine maiden, but as a human, she wanted to hold her hand and walk together with her. Even though she knew that it only led to an end.

To be together with her; that was what she wished.

Maiden closed man maid holes

26/03/2014 19:43

Hakurei Reimu hadn't predicted Gensokyo's end—saying that would be a lie. In fact, she was the only one knew about it since she could remember, and accepted it on top of that. Because nothing could be done about it. It wasn't because she didn't have enough strength. It was because the system called Gensokyo had an end built into it from the beginning. Because Reimu was the one who regulated the Hakurei Border, she understood that fact. Gensokyo was a paradise separated by the Hakurei Border.


To put it another way, that boundary line was necessary and when it collapsed, Gensokyo would end. Because if the inside and the outside became one, it would cease to be 'fantasy.' The dream world where things that were lost ended up was able to exist because it was separated. A contradiction was born there. The Hakurei Border had a hole in it. A small hole. A hole people sometimes wandered into, items flowed into, and things that had become fantasy in the outside world arrived at. Going through the hole from the outside to the inside, fantasy became reality. That was Gensokyo's origin and the way it existed. Then—what would happen if that continued? Items would stream in. People would stream in.


The outside world would continue to change, and Gensokyo would continue to be filled. The difference created would become greater the more time passed. The way water fell from high places to low places, the things that were lost in the outside world would continue to flow into Gensokyo. There would be a problem with Gensokyo's space. Into the world that had a limit and was separated by a border—fantasy would continue to flow. The flow would not stop. In the outer world, humanity finally reached the moon. The way rockets required vast amounts of fuel, the many things that were cut off to reach the moon were forgotten, and all of them became fantasy and flowed into Gensokyo. Fantasy would push against the tightly packed world and get in even if that meant forcing the hole to widen. As a result, the world would—To explain it with words, that was all All that happened was what happened to everything. It was born, and it would die. That wasn't only for humans—even worlds weren't exceptions. As long as the world called Gensokyo was one that had been born, it would die one day. It was possible to forcefully prevent that. The way the girl who drank the Hourai Elixir became unable to age or die, it was possible to stop the natural order of being born and dying. It would be simple. If fantasy was coming in through a hole, one just had to close it. Just as Thkari and the Hakurei shrine maiden closed man-made holes, one could close the hole that was naturally open, close all the holes—and truly isolate Gensokyo. II one did that, at least the things from the outside would not come in and rupture it.


But, if the laws of nature were twisted hentai, a distortion would be created. If all the holes were closed, Gensokyo would suffocate. A paradise in which nothing new was created and was completely closed off was the same as one that was dead. Simply repeating the same things, and while repeating them—it would slowly rot. That was one form of paradise, and at the same lime, an end. Dreams ended, and a sleep that was not woken up from was the same as death. Either way, an end would come. The difference would be whether it was a natural or a distorted one. That was why the Hakurei shrine maidens protected the bordei for generations. Until the day it collapsed, while passing the role down generation after generation, together with the unchanging

1000 Full Color Eyes

22/02/2014 19:48

Why?" The moment before Usami Renko collided with the ground, Reimu saw a gap open and save her, and unknowingly murmured that. Marisa also went in, and the gap vanished like it melted into the air. She became unable to see them. At the same time—Gensokyo's collapse accelerated. What was barely being held back accelerated. No matter who looked at it, they would have thought that it couldn't be stopped. It was a natural result and an inevitable process.


Because Yakumo Yukari used her power for something else, the power preserving it became weaker It seemed the future in which it was supposed to be like this sooner finally caught up to reality. Every boundary mixed together and started losing meaning. All of the meanings mixed, melted, and started vanishing. A full moon rose from the end of the east, and cheny trees started flowering at the end of the sky. As the hole in the Hakurei Border got bigger, the borders inside it started to disappear. A world that lost its threshold couldn't remain a world. Like the black and white of a yin-yang orb mixing, the inside of the world changed—and began to vanish. It was ending. All of it.

Gensokyo was ending his hentai mangaka.


"Why?" Rehm repeated herself She didn't understand the ecchi language. Why did Yukari—save that girl? Even though she must have known that the collapse of Gensokyo, which she was desperately trying to stop, would accelerate if she did something like that, did she have to save her even if it meant giving that up? Who was that? Why did she save her? Why, why? That question swirled in her head, and finally led to a single question. Rather than a question, for Reimu, it was something that wasn't fear or jealousy. —Was that someone more important than her? "Why ?" The dark emotion ate at her insides. Part of her head hurt, and she felt like throwing up. She couldn't control the emotions that were in her heart. Being impartial to everything and maintaining the banier—that was supposed to be the system called Hakurei. The small heart that resided in that system cried out. "It hurts." It said a desire that was like a cry. Reim wasn't able to answer that my. She wasn't even able to listen to it, but she couldn't even cover her ears. Was she acting as the Hakurei shrine maiden, or was she acting as Reimu? It was not clear to even her.


The Anchors of Life

12/01/2014 11:17

"Why will you not act? No matter how anyone looks at it, it's obviously an hentai incident." Keeping her tone even, but looking at her sternly, Yotunu asked. Because she was the mistress of hentai ecchi she would not get involved with the world below—a reason like that would not work. If that were the reason, site wouldn't have gotten involved with the other incidents. Thyuko, for whom several hundred years passed since her death, was surprisingly human. Even after death, she was living as a human. Front when site was a human—unchanged. Universal. Eternal. "An incident?" Yuyuko received Yawn's gaze directly and tilted her head. Putting her hand on her cheek, she said that she really didn't know with her behavior. All of her actions were refined, and it even looked like she was dancing with the movement of the flower petals. "It is—an incident." She said it again. Thyuko tilted her head even more, and "I don't know where any incident is." "You can tell by looking!" "There are more hentai things in this world that you can't understand by looking, hentai Of course—in the world after that, it's the same."


Site knew what site was trying to say. The half ghost's sword was a sword which cut things that could not be seen. It cut air, cut time, and cut souls. That was the culmination of her sword style.

But still—it only sounded like a sophism. "In that case are you saying that this isn't an incident?" "You don't call things that are supposed to occur, incidents. The time of something that can't occur is what an incident is. That is what the shrine maiden acts for— Say Youinu, was Hakurei Reimu acting?"


After being unable to speak, Marisa, was acting." "That girl is more human than anyone. Whether it's an incident or not, that girl will act— Youmu, do you know the reason why I don't stop you?" "—Is it because I'm half human?" "Yes." Saying that, Yuyuko closed her mouth. Then, site slowly moved her gaze from Youinu to the Saigyou Ayakashi, which was behind her. Standing still, the large tree site looked up at was not flowering at all. Without even buds, it looked like a withered tree. But, it didn't look like it was dead. Like it was sleeping—to Youmu, that was how it looked. Not looking at Yotunu, but still looking at the Saigyou Ayakashi, Yuyuko spoke softly. "You should do what you want to do—"

Because that is what makes one human hentai manga.

Her words were ended like that. Closing her mouth again. Yuyuko let her body lean against the.