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29/03/2014 19:26

He blossoms were not where they came from. Just one tree. The cherry tree that was not supposed to flower was flowering, and was in full bloom behind Yuyuko's back. There were flower petals on all of its branches, and even though there was no wind, the flower petals fell off, and new flowers grew from there. It was a bloom that was supposed to be impossible and didn't follow the nature of cherry trees or ayakashi.


The Saigyou Ayakashi was flowering


From the time she was hem until the time she died, she thought she would be alone. No one would reach her back, no one would stand by her, released from everything, a floating existence. In order to protect Gensokyo, she should not be a human, but a shrine maiden; that was what she thought. When was it from? When she noticed the youkai who stood next to her. When she thought she was special. One day, her thoughts changed. Not as a shrine maiden, but as a human, she wanted to hold her hand and walk together with her. Even though she knew that it only led to an end.

To be together with her; that was what she wished.